Submissions for the 2023 Festival are now OPEN.

We look forward to reviewing your films!

Selected filmmakers will be notified in July 2023.

2023 Submission Guidelines & Info:

  • We accept short (up to 30 mins) and feature-length (up to 120 mins) documentary and fiction films.
  • The theme for the 2023 festival is AWAKENINGS. We are looking for films that explore various iterations and interpretations of this concept, both literal and figurative. When we think of an “awakening”, we might envision a revelation, but an awakening can also be a change of mood, a change of heart, a realization that can be superficial or deep, change the course of the day or an entire life. We awaken every day from our sleep, we awaken from dreams and unrealities, and we awaken to new mornings, new worlds, and new ideas. We are open to a wide variety of takes on this year’s theme. Surprise us! Awaken us!
  • The submission period goes from April 11 through July 1, 2023.
  • The cost of submissions is $7 for short and $12 for feature-length films.
  • We ask that each filmmaker include a short statement (1-2 sentences) describing in what way they believe the submitted film relates to the festival’s theme (2023 theme is “Awakenings”)
  • We offer Early bird (up to June 1) and Student Discounts!
  • Visit our FilmFreeway page to read the full guidelines and to submit your film!

Prizes & Perks:

  • For participating filmmakers traveling from afar, we are happy to be able to offer free accommodation in one of the 4 double guest rooms on the farm. We want to make it possible for artists from all regions of Austria and abroad to showcase their work in person! Accommodation will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, but we always try to do our best to host as many people as possible.
  • Jury and audience-choice prizes will be awarded in the “Best Fictional Short,” “Best Documentary Short,” “Best Documentary Feature,” “Best Animated Short,” and “Best Experimental Film” categories.
  • Jury members and prize descriptions will be announced throughout the summer. Stay tuned!

Email us: pillusionfilm[at]gmail[dot]com